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Concentrated Detangler & Shine

Pure conditioning, contains no water or alcohol, does not dry mane, tail or hair, resulting in less flaking. Works instantly- detangles as you rub it in...keeps working, resulting in less grooming time and less product use....saving time and money. Deep conditioner and strengthener-penetrates below surface and restores moisture while strengthening mane, tail or hair...resulting in a natural shine with a soft texture. Long lasting-non-oily formula repels dirt, dust and sand. Neutralizes static electricity-instantly detangles mane and tail or long hair that is difficult to brush or comb.

4 oz. $13.99

Shampoo-Rosewater Herbal Blend - High suds and easy rinse. Vitamin E and UV Protectant. Silk protein and panthenol.

16 oz. $9.99

Concentrated Conditioner-Rosewater Herbal Blend - Works instantly and deep. Vitamin E and UV protectant. Silk protein and panthenol.
16 oz. $9.99

Quic Silver Shampoo  

Quic Silver is formulated pigment and optics control treatment dispersed in a mild, non-irritating surfactant shampoo. Quic Silver takes white beyond white, all the way to ‘silver white’. And Quic Silver’s unique color brighteners add brilliance and dramatic sheen to all equine coat colors. Even dingy, stained or discolored manes and tails take on a silver translucence that compliments any animal.

16 oz.$12.99


Quic Color

A color-intensifying shampoo created for all dark colored horses (safe for white markings) that produces extraordinarily brilliant color, and a coat that is thoroughly clean, soft, smooth and shiny. Coats that have been sun burned or recently clipped are dramatically improved.

16 oz. $12.99

Quic Black Shampoo

Intensifies black and reduces red in black coats. Works best on dark coats. Imparts saturated, rich color and brilliant highlights. Restores color on clipped or sunburned coats.

16 oz $12.99


Miracle Groom

From Turned-Out Mess To Show-Ring Ready In Less Than 20 Minutes.
Cleans, grooms, and conditions without soap or water. And, when used regularly Miracle Groom cuts grooming time down to minutes.

1 quart - $18.99



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