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Texas Hay Net
This slow feed hay net is made to our size specifications for miniature horses.   It is perfect for hanging in a stall or trailer and keeps them busy longer.  The 1" mesh holes slows consumption down to a natural pace. Holds 1 flake of hay.  Use with caution with shod animals.




SLT 1613  $25.99

Hay Bag
Made of nylon shell. Round opening for eating hay. 2 Rings for hanging. Great for in the stall or trailer. Colors available: red, purple, black, royal, hunter.
  • SLT 1000, $11.99

Slow Feed Hay Bag
Hay bag is made of heavy nylon webbing and durable tru tarp. Holes are 2” x 1 ˝” . Holes on both sides for easy access. Great for in stalls or trailers. Overall size 21” x 16”.
  • SLT 1612, $39.99

... Hay Net
Made of soft nylon cording. Large enough for 1 flake of hay. Colors available: red, black, royal and  hunter green, .
  • SLT 1015, $7.99


Miniature Measure Stick
Constructed of polished Aluminum with push-button fold up vertical beam. Has easy to read plumb and dial for accuracy. Measurements marked from 14" - 39".

  • SLT 249 $39.99


Mini Feed Scoop
This mini size scoop is perfect for Mini's. Colors black, red, navy, purple hunter green, and turquoise.
  • SLT 1012, $2.99 

Miniature Flat-back Bucket
Flat-back bucket by Little Giant 8 quart bucket. Just like the big ones but smaller. Colors available: red, black, navy, hunter green, purple, turquoise, royal and burgundy
  • SLT 1050, $8.50

Nylon Rope Ties
7/16" X 18" or 24" tie with brass snap on each end. Great for cross-tie, bucket ties or trailer ties. Red, black, burgundy, green, purple, navy, turquoise, pink and royal.
  • SLT214, $5.00


Nylon Rope Ties with Ring
7/16" x 24" or 36" tie with a brass snap on one end and a 2" brass ring on the other. Great for cross ties, trailer ties or bucket ties. Colors available: red, black, royal, green, burgundy, purple, navy, pink and turquoise.
  • SLT 217, $5.00

Miniature Pitch Fork
12" wide with tines closer together. This really is great for the miniature horse manure. It doesn’t go through the tines. Colors available: red, black, navy, hunter green, teal, purple, and hot pink.
SLT 1010, $20.99 Add $12.00 to Shipping Due to high freight costs. (May want to buy handles locally)
SLT 1010A $17.99 (Head Only)

Nylon Rope Lunge Line

7/16" X 20' with brass snap or chrome stud chain (SLT201) Colors Available: Black, Green, Purple, Red, Burgundy, turquoise, pink, navy and Royal.

SLT 212A Snap Only $10.99
SLT212B  Stud Chain $14.99

4" Single Hook
Made of heavy wire. 4" long. Hook over 2"x4". Various Colors.

  • SLT 1027, $3.99 

8" Single Hook
Made of heavy wire. 8" long. Hook over 2"x4". Various Colors..

  • SLT 1027A, $4.99 

15" Single Hook
Made of heavy wire. 15" long. Hook over 2"x4". Chrome finish.

  • SLT1027B, $5.99

pictures coming soon

.Portable Tack Rack
Clips over stall edge or 2"x4" Enameled tubular and bar steel construction. Great for halters and harnesses.

  • SLT 995, $10.99

Play Ball
This 6" horse play ball helps to reduce stress and boredom in horses. No air required to inflate. Designed to resist deflation, the patented rubber/poly ball will pop back into shape. Colors available: red, purple,blue.


SLT1031, $14.99


Star Lake Farm & Tack
Cathy Waxler
11883 Pleasant Valley Road
Custer South Dakota, 57730
(724) 255-8583